Asco Solenoid Valves

Namur valves, pilot operated or air operated, spool type single/dual solenoid or air (mono/bistable function) aluminium body, 1/4 bsp to 1/2 bsp ports.

ASCO direct mount air solenoid valves utilize the standard NAMUR interface mounting pattern. NAMUR provides a standard footprint for mounting directional control valves directly to a pneumatic rotary actuator, eliminating unnecessary pipe or tubing.

The valve is convertible from a 4-way 2-position to a 3-way 2-position valve for operating either double acting or spring return actuators.

The compact high flow design includes a black anodized aluminium body, low wattage epoxy moulded coil with DIN style plug connector (included), unique spool design with NBR/polyurethane seals, and a manual override. Optional speed control mufflers can be screwed into the exhaust ports for controlling the speed of an actuator.