V Flow


Worcester V Flow control valve 

Worcester's metal seat technology has opened a new chapter in the history of modulating control. It combines the simplicity of ball valves with the revolutionary characterized seat concept. The combination offers state of the art modulating control valves that are specifically designed for today's automated production needs. Worcester's new generation of advanced ball control valves virtually eliminates the problems associated with traditional control valves.


Simplicity Very low maintenance costs compared to globe and segmented ball rotary valves 
Tight Shutoff Exceeding Class VI and bubbletight 
High Rangeability Repeatable control through 95% travel 
Low Cost Purchase price substantially lower than competitive high pressure drop valves 
Low Weight About 30% lighter then comparable globe control assemblies 
Compact Size More room for other equipment 
Shearing Action Non-clogging control of fibres and solids
Low Flow Control Cv down to .007 or better 
Flexible Cv Interchangeable seat angles or slots 
Non-Clogging Flow Path Straight through flow 
Erosion Resistance Self lubricated hard ball and seat surface, downstream throttling and straight path through the valves 
Repeatability Use of control couplings and matched ball and stem eliminates hysteresis 
High Pressure Drop Liquids up to 500 psi, steam up to 150 psi 
High Temperatures Above 200°C